About this website

Why have a website on publishing strategy?

Research libraries often receive queries from academics about the publication of their research.

The aim of this website is to inspire new academic researchers in particular to think strategically when publishing their work. In a publishing strategies project, we compiled interview data from eight universities and one university college and discovered that there are very diverse approaches to publishing. The interviews with academic researchers that were conducted for the project revealed the need for input on how to devise a strategy, where to publish work, how to do it, how to make research as visible as possible and the best methods for measuring it.

The main purpose of this website is not to guide users through the ins and outs of publishing strategy, but to heighten awareness among newcomers to academic research of the formal contexts and different elements in the publication process.

The site content is a joint product of all the participating institutions.

Read more about the results from the project

Greve, Charlotte (2013). "Det der med, at det skal ud at leve!": Om publiceringsmønstre og -strategier i professionshøjskolerne. Gjallerhorn, 17, 82-95.

Hansen, Claus Rosenkrantz (2013). Biblioteksindspark til publiceringsstrategier. Revy, 36(3), 3-3.

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Svensson, Ditte Schjødt, Dorch, Bertil, Nondal, Lars, & Jørgensen, Lars (2013). Gode og dårlige nyheder. Revy, 36(3), 14–16.

Who is responsible?

Startpublicering.nu is the result of collaboration between:

Aalborg University Library http://www.en.aub.aau.dk/
Aarhus University Library http://library.au.dk/en/
Copenhagen Business School Library http://www.cbs.dk/en/library
Technical University of Denmark Library http://www.dtic.dtu.dk/english
Copenhagen University Library Service http://culis.ku.dk/  
Roskilde University Library http://rub.ruc.dk/en/
Danish National Library http://en.statsbiblioteket.dk/
University of Southern Denmark Library http://www.sdu.dk/en/bibliotek
VIA Libraries https://www.bibliotekerne.via.dk

The project is supported by Denmark's Electronic Research Library, DEFF and is anchored in Programme Group C: Services for Researchers.

Thank you

We'd like to thank all the academic researchers at the institutions involved who offered to be interviewed for the project and who subsequently tested the site.

The project participants have accomplished a tremendous amount:

Annette Balle Sørensen, Danish National Library
Asger Væring Larsen, CULIS
Bertil F. Dorch, CULIS
Charlotte Greve, VIA Libraries
Ditte Schjødt Svensson, Aarhus University Library
Gudrun Hansen, Aalborg University Library
Jeannette Ekstrøm, Technical University of Denmark Library
Jesper Boserup Thestrup, Danish National Library
Lars Jørgensen, Roskilde University Library
Lars Nondal, CBS Library
Lone Jensen, Aarhus University Library (Project Manager)
Mikael Karstensen Elbæk, Technical University of Denmark Library
Mogens Kragsig Jensen, University of Southern Denmark Library
Poul Melchiorsen, Aalborg University Library