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altmetrics is a newly developed means of measuring impact based on data from social media, such as blogs, tweets, bookmarks and downloads.

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Analysis of citation patterns of journals

The library received a query from a group of researchers who wished to investigate what factors and relationships are crucial when publishing in key journlas.

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Citations indicate the use and dissemination of research findings, originally developed as an alternative to classification of subject areas.

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes scholarly literature that is accessible online and provides citation counts.

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The work of an academic can be quantified, for example, by calculating the h-index. This is a number summarising productivity and impact of one particular publication.

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Journal Citation Reports

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is a product from Thomson Reuters that annually publishes Journal Impact Factors (JIF).

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Journal Impact Factors

Journal Impact Factors (JIF) was a system conceived by Eugene Garfield in 1955 as a means of identifying journals for inclusion in Science Citation Index (SCI).

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Mendeley provides a convenient solution for collecting citations and references from scholarly databases and enables academics to collaborate and interact.

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Scopus, Elsevier

Scopus is a multidisciplinary database that includes reference lists from the indexed publications and allows users to carry out citation searches.

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Searching in Web of Science/Scopus

An enquiry about the facility for distinguishing between negative and positive citations in citation indexes

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