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Creative Commons

A Creative Commons-licence provides for open access to research findings or publications, without the author having to be concerned with various legal aspects.

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DTU Open Access Network

A luncheon information network at DTU that discusses open access and publishing issues.

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Journal lists with OA, copyright and impact factor information

Development and use of journal lists with OA, copyright and impact factor information.

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Open access

The purpose of open access (OA) is to provide free, instant online access to research findings without any restrictions for end users.

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Open access archives

An open access (OA) archive is a digital archive containing research findings that are freely available for downloading.

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Open journal systems

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is open source software for publishing journals. The software was developed by Public Knowledge Project.

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Open Monograph Press

Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open source software, which is used for publicing e-books.

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Publication types

Publication types are valued differently within the individual disciplines due to various reasons.

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Research fund requirements concerning visibility

A vast majority of funding providers require articles published in peer-revied journals which should be made freely accessible through open access

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Support for establishment of open access journal by a group of researchers

One research library participated in the launching of a new OA journal and offered help in the form of advice on copyright, visibility, trademark registration and DOI.

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