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Blogging and enhanced academic visibility

Blogs are a platform for communicating and discussing your research before, during and after you have published. Blogging enhances the visibility of research.

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes scholarly literature that is accessible online and provides citation counts.

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Mendeley provides a convenient solution for collecting citations and references from scholarly databases and enables academics to collaborate and interact.

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Open access archives

An open access (OA) archive is a digital archive containing research findings that are freely available for downloading.

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Registering research at Danish universities

Research at Danish universities is registered with a view to enhancing visibility of research on the internet and in order for the universities to secure basic funding.

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Research fund requirements concerning visibility

A vast majority of funding providers require articles published in peer-revied journals which should be made freely accessible through open access

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Social network media

Social network media are defined as a group of technologies which all allow virtual interaction and communication between sender and receiver.

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Support for establishment of open access journal by a group of researchers

One research library participated in the launching of a new OA journal and offered help in the form of advice on copyright, visibility, trademark registration and DOI.

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Zotero can collect and organise references via your browser and use them, for example, to write articles. You can work jointly with others to collect references.

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