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How do you set about arguing for open access?

Scepticism, doubt and uncertainty are typical reactions when discussing open access journals, what to do after acceptance etc.

In autumn 2010, the library of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) commenced work on an open access website at DTU which would include lists of the most relevant journals at department levels.

It had become clear from studies and visits to departments that researchers were not fully aware of the opportunities open access publication offers and tended to be sceptical, believing that open access journals were inferior.

DTU library drew up search profiles for all departments and recruited student assistants to conduct a number of searches in Web of Science. Subsequently, information consultants compiled lists of the 'most used journals' for each individual department, as a step towards making researchers aware of the options available for placing articles in a repository.

The titles from the lists were then examined closely in the Sherpa/Romeo database with a view to gaining an overview of the rights and opportunities which researchers/authors have with regard to parallel publication of their work in DTU's research database Orbit.

Later, ISI Impact Factors were added to the list.

Feedback on the lists has been mostly positive, especially after the ISI Impact Factor was added.

The lists are due to be overhauled, as DTU has now changed its department structure and the lists need to be adapted to reflect this.

Journal rankings within 'business and management'

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