Model agreements

copyrightmodel agreements

Generally, model agreements ensure that authors basically retain their rights and relinquish only specific rights to the publisher.

Contractually agreed rights might, for example, relate to the publication of a certain number of books or publication on different digital media, including the internet.

Examples of model agreements

Committee for the Protection of Intellectual Property (UBVA)
(The model agreement is in English and guidance and comments are in Danish)

UBVA, which is under the aegis of an umbrella organisation called the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC), in conjunction with the Danish Authors' Society, the Danish Publishers' Association and AC, has drawn up a model agreement for use by academics. The agreement covers both print and electronic publishing and transfers only certain specific rights to the publisher. The author retains the remaining rights and is entitled to make use of the rights which have not been transferred to the publisher. It is important to note and respect the loyalty concept. The loyalty concept means that you may not publish the work in any form which competes with the publisher's options for selling the work within the terms of the agreement.

Copyright Toolbox - Licence to Publish

The model agreement ensures that the copyright stays with the author, with only certain rights being transferred to the publisher. The agreement takes effect as soon as the publisher confirms the intent to publish the work. When the article has been published, the author may make the work publicly accessible in the publisher's version, for example, by publishing it via a university research portal. If the publisher so requires, public release can be postponed by a maximum of six months.

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