Open journal systems

open accesstoolsopen journal systems (OJS)publishing platform

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is open source software used to publish journals. The software was developed by Public Knowledge Project, supported by Stanford University, along with other institutions. OJS software gathers the editorial work and publication of a journal into one single workflow. A total of over 12,000 journals have been published on OJS servers.

OJS software provides journals with a broad framework for editorial structuring and servicing readers. The software can manage subscription journals as well as journals offering full-scale open access to its articles.

A flexible tool

There are no limits to the complexity of editorial structure that can be created. OJS can manage editorial structures that are global and involve several sub-editors. At the same time the editors themselves can choose whether to use all the OJS software services or to simply release material via a given OJS server.

Besides editorial work, OJS allows the exposure of journals in search engines such as Google Scholar and indexes such as Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). OJS software also enables journals to be included in indexes which are more focused on a particular field, such as Web of Science and Scopus.

Furthermore, OJS software has a wide range of functions. For example, the software offers many different basic homepage designs, articles can be linked to digital object identifiers (DOI), the system can manage different citation measures etc.

OJS in Denmark

In Denmark, there are currently six OJS servers providing access to at least 45 journals; four of these OJS servers are operated by the Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University and Aalborg University research libraries. Of the 45 journals there is only one that does not provide either delayed open access or direct open access. In northern Europe, there are at least 24 active OJS servers giving access to around 130 journals, of which the vast majority provide open access to their articles, either directly or with a one-year delay.

For a list of OJS journals in the Nordic countries, see:

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