Protect your copyright ownership

copyrightauthor addenda

Until you give it away, the copyright belongs to you!

As a writer, it is important to protect your copyright and to consider exactly how much ownership you wish to transfer, for example, to a commercial publisher.

If a publisher presents you with an author agreement that transfers all rights to the publisher (i.e. an exclusive agreement), it may prevent you from using your work to disseminate your research or make it visible. You may therefore need to modify the agreement to make it more favourable to the author.

  • Model agreements
    Generally, model agreements ensure that the author basically retains his/her rights and relinquishes only specific rights to the publisher. Specific use could, for example, be publication of a certain number of books or publication in various digital media, including the internet.
  • Standard phrasing for publishing contracts
    Another way of securing your rights as an author is to negotiate the inclusion of certain standard phrases in the publisher’s contract.
  • Author addendum to publishing contracts
    An author addendum to a publisher contract is a document that can be attached to the contract in order to secure certain rights for the author.

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