Research fund requirements concerning visibility

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The vast majority of funding providers require that reviewed articles published in peer-reviewed journals should be made freely accessible in an open access archive 6 to 12 months at the latest after acceptance of the article by the journal.

This is possible with most recognised journals, which allow authors to archive their final manuscript after peer review in an open access archive, mostly referred to as institutional or subject repository. In Denmark, all universities and education institutions use the PURE system, which also functions as an open access archive.

Reimbursement of publishing costs

Be aware that it is often possible to get the publishing costs fully reimbursed by the funding provider. However, in many cases this is on condition that the application budget takes into account the cost of publishing in golden open access journals.

Requirements of Danish funding providers

In Denmark, the open access requirement is one of the requirements of the leading public research councils and funds i.e.:

  • The Danish Council for Independent Research
  • The Danish Council for Strategic Research
  • Danish National Research Foundation
  • The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation
  • The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation

Details of their common policy are available here.

EU requirements

Since 2007 the open access requirement has been stipulated by the European Commission for funding recipients within the European Research Council (ERC) programme and within the following fields in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7):

  1. Energy
  2. Environment (including Climate Change)
  3. Health
  4. Information and communication technologies (cognitive systems, interaction, robotics)
  5. Research infrastructures (e-infrastructures)
  6. Science in society
  7. Socio-economic sciences and the humanities

For further information on EU requirements and guidance on open access, visit

Open access in Horizon2020

In the framework programme due to supersede FP7 – Horizon2020 – open access is expected to become mandatory for the entire framework programme.

Requirements of international research councils

On an international level, it is standard practice for both public and private research funds to stipulate the open access requirement. The requirements can typically be categorised as follows:

  • Green mandate (requirement of storage in open access archive)
  • Gold mandate (requirement of publication in open access journals, if possible)
  • A mixture of the two requirements. For an overview of mandates, see: 

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