Scopus, Elsevier


Scopus is a multidisciplinary database which, in addition to bibliographic information, includes reference lists from the indexed publications and allows users to carry out citation searches.

Scopus covers more than 19,500 titles:

  • 18,500 peer-reviewed journals (including 1,800 open access journals)
  • 400 trade publications
  • 340 book series
  • 4.9 million conference proceedings

Scopus only includes reference lists from 1996 and on, thus citation counts for publications before 1996 are incomplete. The size of the database does mean, however, that for articles before 1996, there can be a higher citation count in Scopus than, for example, in Web of Science, despite the latter including reference lists from all publications in the database.

If Scopus is used for citation counts, it is worth noting that not all research areas are covered equally well. Scopus includes mostly journal articles from international English-language journals. Thus it is not advisable to do citation counts in Scopus for research fields in which work is not primarily in English and/or which release many publications in book form.

Students and academics at Danish universities may have access to Scopus via the university library, if it has a licence. Contact your library for more information.


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