Searching in Web of Science/Scopus

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How can I search in Web of Science/Scopus and obtain search results which distinguish between negative and positive citations?

An academic from the social sciences faculty sent a request to the library via e-mail for help carrying out a search in Web of Science and Scopus. The problem was that he wanted a search result which would enable him to distinguish between negative and positive citations, as he felt that this was an important function given that citations and the h-index are used to measure the performance of academics.

The library advisor explained that the scope of the current set up of the databases did not provide for this and that citations counted even if they were negative. The academic was dissatisfied with the search facility and thought it ought to be possible for the search result to make the desired distinction as he did not want to help promote researchers with whom he directly disagreed, but needed to cite for the sake of academic integrity.


  • 17.05.2012 Oprettet af Gudrun Hansen