Support for establishment of OA journal by a group of researchers

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This case is about a newly formed group of academic researchers who work with a cross-disciplinary, international network within their field. The network represents both researchers and practitioners with wide-ranging professional backgrounds. Together these individuals create an inspiring forum for research, ideas and innovation. The plan is for the network to share its knowledge and expertise in an OA journal.

Via the library management, the researchers have sought the library's expertise for all areas in which the library can offer its know-how, such as literature searches, structuring of websites, copyright and OA.

Right from the start, the researchers expected their journal to be accessible to everyone. They started negotiations with a commercial publisher on publication via the publisher's OA platform. In the process, the group had a dialogue with the library, which led to the researchers shifting strategy and choosing to enter into agreements with the National Library on publication via an Open Journal System platform.


The library helped by setting up trademark registration of the title and brand of the journal and we are in the process of setting up DOI registration for all articles in the journal. At the same time we are looking to add classification codes to individual articles, e.g. Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification codes. 

With regard to the copyright matters, the library recommends standard author contracts for the network members who contribute articles to the journal. The library successfully identified problem areas participants were unaware of in the group of researchers. The group subsequently got in touch with a lawyer concerning the legal framework for the network and author contracts.


We have an ongoing dialogue with the researchers and they are satisfied with our input, which helped to professionalise the framework for the journal. We continue to support the group and also expect to be able to help them in future with our expertise.


  • 04.03.2013 Oprettet af Lone Jensen