The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI)

incentive modeldanish bibliometric research indicator

The BFI model consists of a set of authority lists of journals, publishers, book series and conference series, publications that can lead to so-called BFI points. The publication channels featuring on the authority lists are divided into two levels, level 2 being the most prestigious.

A number of expert groups are responsible for objectively assessing which publication channels should be included in the authority lists for each academic field.

We recommend that you:

  • Consult the lists before you start writing
  • Choose a level-2 channel, if possible
  • Choose external collaborative partners in connection with the publication
  • Persuade expert groups (the one relevant in your case) to include your publication channels in the authority lists
  • Investigate whether there is any level-2 channel not being used and swap it for a level-1 channel that is being used to a greater extent. 
  • Remember to get any publication channel that you launch included in the authority lists

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  • 26.09.2012 Oprettet af Poul Melchiorsen