Where should I publish?
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What should I do?
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How do I become visible?
Am I visible?


Publishing is a natural, integral part of any research process. This site offers newcomers to academic research inspiration with regard to the more formal aspects of the publication process.

The site comprises several elements:

  1. A search box for searching content relevant to researchers
  2. Four buttons covering different parts of the publication process:

Where should I publish? Choice of publication channel and factors that may influence your choice. 

What should I do? Formal requirements for submitting your manuscript to a publisher.

How do I become visible? This step presents a number of tools and methods that can optimise exposure of your research.

Am I visible? There are a variety of tools available for measuring visibility of your work. These tools are presented here.

In the top menu, under Background articles, you'll find a list of the articles which constitute the core content of the website, written by librarians from Danish research libraries.

Go to Contact in the top menu to get in touch with participating research libraries for help or guidance with specific problems.

One particular section of the website is directed toward information specialists, who help and advise academics on publishing matters. This section is open for use by anyone, so if you wish to dig deeper, feel free.