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Authors' right to articles in a PhD dissertation

An academic has published two articles with an international, commercial publisher and wishes to include them in his PhD dissertation.


Creative Commons

A Creative Commons-licence provides for open access to research findings or publications, without the author having to be concerned with various legal aspects.

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Journal lists with OA, copyright and impact factor information

Development and use of journal lists with OA, copyright and impact factor information.

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Model agreements

Generally, model agreements ensure that authors retain their rights and relinquish only specific rights to the publisher.


Protect your copyright ownership

Protect your copyright by drawing up an author agreement. Different models are available: Model agreements, standard phrasing, author addenda.


Publishing contracts

Suggested phrases for copyright matters, which can be included in or added to publisher contracts.

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Support for establishment of open access journal by a group of researchers

One research library participated in the launching of a new OA journal and offered help in the form of advice on copyright, visibility, trademark registration and DOI.

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What is postprint?

How do you communicate to researchers what postprint is and what are the implications of research and archiving in repositories?

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