Background articles

Journal indexes

Some journal indexes order journals according to their 'quality', while other indexes function more as a directory.

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Mendeley provides a convenient solution for collecting citations and references from scholarly databases and enables academics to collaborate and interact.

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Model agreements

Generally, model agreements ensure that authors retain their rights and relinquish only specific rights to the publisher.


Open access

The purpose of open access (OA) is to provide free, instant online access to research findings without any restrictions for end users.

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Open access archives

An open access (OA) archive is a digital archive containing research findings that are freely available for downloading.

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Open journal systems

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is open source software for publishing journals. The software was developed by Public Knowledge Project.

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Open Monograph Press

Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open source software, which is used for publicing e-books.

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When you register for an ORCID iD you make sure that all your publications are linked to you, enabling your colleagues and collaborators to quickly and unambiguously identify you and your work

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Peer review

Peer review is part of the publication procedure for academic publications. It involves sending the article for assessment by 1-3 experts in the field concerned.

Protect your copyright ownership

Protect your copyright by drawing up an author agreement. Different models are available: Model agreements, standard phrasing, author addenda.