Background articles

Publication types

Publication types are valued differently within the individual disciplines due to various reasons.

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Publishing contracts

Suggested phrases for copyright matters, which can be included in or added to publisher contracts.

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Ranking systems

Rankings use quantitative methods to indicate research quality. There are rankings for journals and universities, as well as for individual researchers.

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Reference management

A reference management programme normally consists of a database with references to all necessary bibliographic data (author, title, year, publisher, page numbers etc.).

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Registering research at Danish universities

Research at Danish universities is registered with a view to enhancing visibility of research on the internet and in order for the universities to secure basic funding.

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Research fund requirements concerning visibility

A vast majority of funding providers require articles published in peer-revied journals which should be made freely accessible through open access

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Scopus, Elsevier

Scopus is a multidisciplinary database that includes reference lists from the indexed publications and allows users to carry out citation searches.

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Social network media

Social network media are defined as a group of technologies which all allow virtual interaction and communication between sender and receiver.

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The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI)

The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) measures and promotes Danish research. Incentive model supporting prestigious publications.


Thomson Reuters Web of Science

Web of Science (WOS) is a cross-discipline database which, together with bibliographic information, includes reference lists from the indexed publications.

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