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Ulrichsweb is a global directory of journals offering an overview of accessible journals and their characteristics.

Ulrichsweb is named after the woman who created it, Carolyn Ulrich, Head of Periodicals at the New York Public Library, who in 1932 published the first collective record of journals titled: 'Periodicals Directory: A Classified Guide to a Selected List of Current Periodicals Foreign and Domestic'.

The directory contains information on more than 300,000 serial publications from around the world and covers all topics. The descriptions of the journals are continually updated and verified by journal publishers.

Compare journals and make your own list of potential publication channels

You can use Ulrichsweb as a reference work for individual journals or to compare the formal characteristics of several journals. For example, you can find information about the year the journal was launched, its publisher, publication frequency and whether it is peer reviewedopen access, or similar.

Unlike other journal rankings, such as Journal Impact Factors, the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator and journal rankings for specific academic fields, Ulrichsweb does not evaluate the quality of the journals. On the other hand, the database covers a wider range of journals – including multidisciplinary journals.

At the same time you also receive information on which databases the journal can be found in, so that you can quickly access full-text articles via your library databases.

You can draw up lists in a personal profile and share lists with collaborative partners. Furthermore, it is possible to export information for up to 200 journals at once, which means that you can draw up comparisons using, for example, Excel, and draw up your lists locally.

Students and academics at Danish universities may have access to Ulrichsweb via the university library, if it has a licence. Contact your library for more information.

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